John VI  Cantacuzene as emperor (left) and monk (right)

Basileus John VI Cantacuzene presiding over a synod

The icon "Thomas the Apostle and Thomas the Despot"; Византия. Афон. Монастырь Хиландар

The icon "St. Nikiphor (Parashes-Cantacuzene)", 

Archdeacon, exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarch in Moldavia and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

Prof. John C. Cantacuzene (Ion Cantacuzino),

Romanian doctor and bacteriologist, Minister of Health of Romania

Aër (liturgical veil),

the gift from Basileus John VI Cantacuzene to Vatopedi monastery, Athos

Bishop Ambrose (Cantacuzene),

(Prince Pierre P. Cantacuzene)